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Custom Wall Hanging

Pricing starts a $ 45.00

Made in the shape of the Great State Of Texas !

These are really nice wall hangings that are made from

heavy saddle skirting leather,that is mounted on a

piece of weathered wood with nearly 100 brass pins.

They can be tooled with your name or brand, and

include a brass chain for hanging.

They can be dyed different colors, background

dyed, or dyed letters. Several options available

for a small additional cost

Approximate size 12"x12"x1"

Brand: Priced at $ 75.00

Also depends on complexity of brand

This one has the family name, and a piece of

barb wire from the family ranch !

Priced at $ 45.00

Key Racks

Weathered wood key racks

Priced at $ 25.00