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Custom Belts

Custom Belts are our specialty !

(See "How to measure for your new belt" at the bottom of the page ! )

To order a custom belt, please go to our web store and click on "Custom Belts"

All of our custom belts are hand made, one at a time, here at our shop in Geronimo, Texas.

They are made from premium USA tanned leathers, Hermann Oak, Wickett & Craig, and Horween Tanneries.

All of my belts are made heavy and durable, and lined with top quality leather, for years of service. They are all stitched on heavy saddle stitching machines !

All of my belts have little 'secret's in the way they are made, that make our belts really stand out!

The oils and finishes are all applied by hand, and the edges are hand rubbed for a smooth professional finish!

These belts are made to last !

These are not cheap, lightweight belts found in department stores

These are standard straight belts, 1 1/2 inches wide, and are available in Black, A custom mix brown, Mahogany, light brown and natural finish with dark or light

The belts to the left are from left to right: Custom Mix Brown, dark natural oil, and light oil with old time stitching.

*Note* Colors will vary and may be slightly different due to variations in leather, types of dyes etc.

Also they may appear a little different on your computer than in person.

The top left sample is a small block geometric pattern. It is finished with dyed edges and brown antique finish.

The bottom sample is a traditional basket weave pattern with an X-1 finish. This finish ages over time and gains a beautiful finish. The X-1 is my favorite!

These two belt samples are the "Old Time Stitching" on a belt with a light oil finish.

The bottom belt is a basket weave with the X-1 finish, that has been aged a while. This belt had been worn for over two years when this photo was taken! 

Ranger Belts are our Specialty !

Made from premium leather, lined and stitched, these belts are made to last ! I take a lot of pride in making my belts. I am proud to say that I have shipped Ranger belts across the USA and Europe !

Custom Heavy Duty Work Belts

I have created a line of heavy duty work belts that are made with single ply leather. These belts are very durable and made with leathers that help resist moisture and abuse. They are made from several different types of leather such as English Bridle, Harness, and Saddle Skirting. The English Bridle belts come in black and chestnut colors. The Harness leather comes in a natural color, and the Saddle Skirting come in natural, black or brown, and can be made in the popular 'rough-out'. These are really nice looking belts, that have no tooling. Just a really tough heavy belt with a stainless steel buckle, for years of use.

How to measure for your new Belt !

To measure for your new belt, there are three methods to use to get an accurate measurement. You can take all three measurements to be sure your new belt will fit correctly ! It is best for me, and the most accurate, if you use both method #1 and #2. These two measurements should be very close, and will help insure your new belt will fit just like you want it to.

Method # 1

Take a belt that currently fits you and measure that belt. Lay the belt flat on a table and measure from the end of the buckle tongue or tip, to the hole that fits you the best. This will give an accurate measurement 

Method #2

Use a soft tape measure and measure around your waist at the belt loops. Pull the tape snug, but not too tight.

Please DO NOT use your pants size, or guess at the measurement.

Your new custom belt will be made to this exact size !

Method #3

There is a third method to use, if your belt does not currently have a buckle attached, but it is a belt that does fit !

You can take a measurement from the 'bend' where the leather folds around the buckle, to the hole that fits you the best. This measurement will be a little shorter than the other two measurements. So please make sure this belt fits before using this method to measure your belt !

Custom Belt Pricing

Smooth Plain belts start at: $ 125.00

All other belt pricing is on the web store page.


International shipping is available by quote.

Gallery of belt design photos